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Thursday 2nd March

Good morning from sunny (but windy) Kingswood!

Yesterday was great. Poor Ruby had a rude 'happy birthday' awakening and leap of faith day had arrived!!!

All of the children were fantastic - children climbed up the tower as far as they felt comfortable. For some, this was half way, for others it was up to the platform (Brandon, Ruben, Keira and Charli were chuffed to bits with getting so far and being scared of heights); for the acrobatic dare-devils, it meant clambering up onto the platform, standing up, inching towards the edge and then leaping off whilst trying to grab the bar. Olivia was thrilled with herself for being such a risk-taker as were Oscar H, Eve, Freya, Oscar R, Billie, Jen, De Sharai, Fin, Lily, Jenna.

After all the excitement, it was time for some of us to do bushcraft. Miles and Eve loved it and got very stuck in to keeping their fires burning! There were lots of problem solving challenges too - Jenna was completely absorbed! 

Both groups took part in nightline - very amusing for the teachers watching. Children had blindfolds and had to lead each other over obstacles. Jen and Kyle displayed excellent team work, as did Charlie C and De Sharai. Seeing Charlie dangling over some tyres with his legs in the air and a massive smile on his face was classic! 

We had birthday cake at tea and all sang happy birthday before racing back to the dorms to get ready for the D I S C O!! Seb, Tate, Theo and Brandon burnt up the dance floor with some help from Tilly, Billie and Jen. 

After all the excitement, it didn't take long after our story and lights out for them all to be sending up little snores!! 

We're currently tearing around in buggies. Fun fun fun!

Sorry about lack of tweets - the wifi is not good!!

See you all tomorrow,

The Kingswood crew 

(P.S. Sausages might not be well received for dinner tomorrow - children have eaten rather a lot of them!!)

Wednesday 1st March

Hi everyone,

We had a brilliant day yesterday - one group started with bush craft. This involved den building in pairs and then fire starting. Oscar H, Theo and Charlie C really got stuck in, waterproofing their shelter with ferns.  Billie was very proud of the little extras in her shelter - fully equipped with a broom and rocking-log! Mr Carter turned up just in time to help with the fires. Jen was the best pyromaniac of all though, managing to keep everyone's fires burning! We all learnt a lot about the importance of collaboration and communication.

The other group went off caving and orienteering - Charli S, Ruben and Seb did amazingly well to conquer their fears and take part in cave games. Very proud of them! 

After lunch, the footballers enjoyed tackling Mr Carter - the Kingswood instructors were impressed with the ball skills on display. De Sharai's goal keeping skills were noticed!!

It was then time for go-karting, bouldering and indoor climbing. Mr Jones set up a timed lap competition on the go-karts - there were some very careful drivers who followed the instructions about taking it steady as the track was wet; others threw caution to the wind and put pedal to the metal. Lily was the record holder until Oscar R tore up the track. There was also no stopping Eve.

Bouldering was a challenge - we learnt about the different holds and spotted for each other as we made our way along the wall. We then put climbing skills into practice up the indoor wall. I thought it would be easy - I was wrong!! All children challenged themselves - Tate, Brandon, Keira, Miles & Ruby really persevered and didn't want to stop until their arms gave them no choice. Some of the class were like monkeys though - Freya and Jenna scampered to the top in no time. 

After another yummy dinner (we had pancakes for pudding), there was just time for the girls to sort out Mrs Simpson's and Mr Jones' hair before our mystery evening. Who kidnapped Mickey Mouse?? The children had to interview 5 mischievous characters to work out who had committed the crime. After fierce interrogation, most teams solved the crime. Lots of fun was had by all :)

We continued our story before bed - all slept well and we awoke to yet another sunny morning. Olivia, Fin and Charli S were voted "stars of the day" by their peers for jollying others along, getting stuck in to everything and challenging themselves. Great work! There's no stopping Tilly's high spirits; she's singing non-stop and keeping morale high. Kyle is enjoying the activities but seems to most like having a cup of tea made by me every morning! 

We are looking forward to celebrating Ruby's birthday today with lots of fun activities ahead. Keep your eyes on Twitter - wifi permitting, I'll update it later.

Miss Thompson