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Parent Governors Election

We are currently holding an election for a new parent goveror.  Below is the timetable for the election:

Day 1

Monday18th September 2023

Day 10

12.00 pm Friday 29th September

Day 13

Wednesday 4th October

Day 20

12.00 pm Friday 13th October

Day 21

Monday 16th October

Day 24

Thursday 19th October

Letter to be sent out detailing the election as soon as possible after a vacancy occurs, together with the School Governors Code and Declaration Form

Closing date for return of nominations

and Declaration Form.

Ballot papers and election statements to be taken home by pupils to every parent eligible to vote Closing date for return of ballot papers Counting of ballot papers (N.B. In the event of a tie, the result will be decided by the toss of a coin) Letters to be sent out notifying people of the results of the ballot











The documents below went home on Monday 18th September.  If you would like a paper copy or you have any queries about the process please contact the school office.